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Stems or injectables are essentially medical supplies that confer a handful of benefits depending on the type. There are some things that heal your HP for a set amount, remove negative status effects, grant improvements for a certain period, or even restore limbs.

However, the list of stims in the game is so long that it can be difficult to read them all. To help make this easier, I have put together this motivation guide to enlighten you on the positive/negative effects of each stimulus and when you should use it.

Steam guide | Explanation of each injector in Escape from Tarkov

There are a total of 16 syringes in the game, each of which provides a different effect. Let’s take a look at all of them.


Quite possibly the most common injector in the game that works as a fast-acting pain reliever is morphine. It can provide you an analgesic effect for up to 300 seconds with downsides 15 less hydration and 10 less energy.

However, you can counteract the downside by bringing enough food and water and then taking them shortly after taking this injector.


Another popular injector, Propital offers a wide range of improvements including a 240-second pain reliever effect, healthy rejuvenation, and various stat increases. However, you will end up receiving tunnel vision and tremor 30 seconds after its effect wears off. Also, these bumps will last for 270 seconds.

In most cases, you want to use it when you need a quick fix, especially if your medical kit isn’t enough.


This injector increases your stamina by 30 points for 240 seconds. Apart from that, it also increases your stamina recovery for the same duration. Similar to the Propital, you’ll also get shivers and tunnel vision after 40 seconds of using it, although it only lasts for 200 seconds.

Ideally, you want to use it when repositioning is necessary during a fight.


You can think of this version as the more advanced version of Propital because it basically provides all of its effects, except for the pain reliever. On the other hand, you will reduce your health/stamina by 5 levels for 60 seconds. It will also reduce your energy recovery by 3 per second for the same duration.

As a result, you want to use this syringe when your health is at a critical level for a quick recovery.


Zagustin can be the ultimate trigger in regards to bleeding. What it does is remove any bleeding present and prevent any form of bleeding for 180 seconds. It also increases your vitality by 20 levels for the same duration.

However, it will reduce your metabolism by 5 levels for 180 seconds, give you a jerk for 170 seconds, and reduce your recovery from hydration for the same duration.

Because of the bleeding-stopping effect, you’ll want to use it when you have several active bleedings as this is where it shines the most.


MULE basically allows you to carry a large amount of weight for a very long time. This is very useful when carrying tons of important loot. With MULE activated, you can have a 50% increase in your maximum weight for 900 seconds. However, it will deal more damage and drain your health at 0.1 per second over the same duration.

As a result, you will only want to use it when you are overweight and are moving towards extraction.


Meldonin is considered a very powerful injector for a number of reasons. First, it reduces the amount of damage you take by 10%. Second, it increases your stamina recovery by 0.5 per second for 15 minutes. Finally, it increases your strength and stamina by 10 and 20, respectively.

However, you will reduce your body’s hydration and energy by 0.1 per second for 15 minutes. As such, you only want to use it when starting a raid or a few seconds after you engage in combat.


XTG is designed with a specific purpose: to detoxify and prevent yourself from getting infected. This is at the cost of lowering your health skill level 5 for 60 seconds. You want to use it when hunting cults or when you are poisoned.


Think of this as a weaker version of the SJ6. Basically, you can get 20 levels of your stamina, strength, and stress resistance for 180 seconds. On the flip side, you will suffer from energy and water depletion for 200 seconds.

Ideally, you just want to use it to make SJ6 as much as possible. But if the situation calls for it, you can use it to gain movement buffs during combat.

p 22

A weaker version of Meldonin, P22 gives you less damage dealt for 60 seconds. At the same time, it will increase your health, vitality and stress resistance levels by 10. However, it will lower your recovery stamina and stamina levels.

You should only use this syringe during or just before a fight to take advantage of its damage reducing effect.


L1 is basically a combination of effects from different injectors. It gives you an analgesic effect for 120 seconds and increases your stamina, stamina and strength by 30, 10, and 20 percent respectively. However, you will deplete your energy and hydration at 0.45 per second for 60 seconds.

Due to its effects, you can use it anytime you want to increase your movement speed or if you are a bit overweight.


This injector eliminates bruises, gives an analgesic effect, increases the regeneration of health. On top of that, it also increases your stamina, strength, and rebound control by 10 levels for 60 seconds. It all comes with a 30-second energy and hydration depletion.

Ideally, it is best used before or during combat to maximize the recoil-reducing effect.


Basically Zagostin is weaker, it prevents this bleeding and also increases your health by 5 levels for 60 seconds. The only downside is that you deplete water at 0.3 per second for 120 seconds. It is best to use it before a fight as a way to prevent bleeding.

3- (B- TG)

This injector was designed for the purpose of looting. Throughout its duration, you can enjoy increased attention and awareness. It also increases your strength by 10 levels and restore stamina at a rate of 1 per second. However, it drains your energy at 0.25 per second and causes 45-second tremors after 220 seconds.


Regarded as a meme item by a lot of E-Transformation players, Obdolbos increases your stamina and strength by 10 levels for 30 minutes. It also increases stress and magic resistance by 20 levels and restore stamina by 0.5 per second.

The list of its downsides can be quite long, the most prominent of which are decreased memory, intellect, and attention. It also causes pain, light bleeding, and tunnel vision throughout its duration, among other things. The only example you should ever use is to complete the ‘samples’ task. Other than that, never use this stimulus.


The last injector on this list, SJ9 lowers your body temperature leaving you undetectable by enemy thermal devices. On the flip side, it lowers metabolism by 20 levels, depletes health by 0.1 per second, and causes pain and shivering for a very long time.

You only want to use it if you think the enemy is using a thermal device. Other than that, it’s better to just sell it.