Urban City Stories Mod APK 1.2.8 (Free shopping) Download

Simulation games dominate the mobile gaming industry. From the very popular The Sims series, to the smaller series making their way to stardom. But what exactly makes these games popular? Is it sheer simplicity? Colorful graphics? What story are they telling? or all of the above?


The answer is all of the above. Urban City Stories APK by PlayToddlers is a simulation game that lets you escape from the real world. If you’ve always wanted to have your own city with your own set of rules (or lack thereof), this game is for you! With over a million downloads in the Google Play Store alone, this game is one of the popular. Read more to find out more about it!

What are urban city stories?

If you have played the popular simulation series The Sims, then you will love this series. Urban City Stories follows a similar gameplay where you take charge of your daily life. But in this game, you are the boss so you can play anyone you like!

You can be a banker, a police officer, a father, or anyone else in town. Or you can choose to experience what it’s like to live the life of every citizen in the city – the choice is yours! Since this is a simulation game, there are no rules. You simply play as you wish and you are good to go! In this game, your imagination is your only limit.

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Apart from that, you will also have unlimited access to loads of clothing stores so you can try out different fashions, accessories, and hairstyles. Then, you can let the creativity guide you and capture your creations for all to see using the camera feature.

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Urban City Stories don’t have a story, there is just fun and excitement everywhere you go. You do not need to be pressured by any rules or goals. This is one game where you can enjoy everything to the fullest. It’s a package full of everything you could wish for as a kid. And to learn more about it, read on!

Features of Urban City Stories

Urban City Stories is not a typical simulation game. This one has everything you need which will allow you to have the best gaming experience ever. Still not convinced? Here are the features of this great simulation game:

Free Play Mode – Unlike other simulation games, Urban City Stories features a free-to-play mode where you can explore the city freely. In most games, it makes sense to have a story. However, in Urban City Stories, there are no major events where the game urges you to create your own stories. This means that you can be who you love like a policeman, driver, businessman, family man or anyone you want! It’s your city so create your own rules!

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Epic 3D graphics – What makes this game so special is the epic 3D graphics. It is well detailed and everything works as you would expect. But until then, you’ll be amazed at how everything is designed. All the little details like the food, the dishes, and the effects come together to form an absolutely amazing gaming experience. Sometimes, this is exactly what people need, to be able to escape from the real world and live in a world where your imagination is most important.

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Lots of Characters – In Urban City Stories, there are 30 different characters that you can completely customize to your liking. You can change hairstyles, skin color and hair and try different styles of clothes on them! There are thousands of combinations you can make so you never run out of style to make in this game. Hence, this is the perfect game for aspiring fashion designers to practice and hone their craft. But then the characters have their own roles to play in this city and you can dress up accordingly. However, it is your city so you can do whatever you want!

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great sites – The city in Urban City Stories probably contains one of the most complete places you’ll ever see. They have everything from police stations, banks, streets, parks, homes and supermarkets. Everything is very well designed and detailed so you will really feel like you have your own city. You will notice all the minute details that the game has for every location you go to such as street lights, ovens, cars, and more. You can stay in one place at a time or you can go to multiple locations depending on your mood. In this game, the fun is limitless as you explore every possible place out there.

camera system – The goal of this game is to create your own memories and joyful moments. There are special moments that you want to last forever. In these cases, you can take advantage of the camera feature to capture and remember these memories. Or you can share it with your friends so you can play this amazing game. Or you can just try on different outfits and take a picture of each outfit so you can have an instant ensemble! How cool is that?

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easy controls – Since this is a simulation game, everything can be easily controlled! For the most part, everything is just drag and drop, or click! You don’t have to bother with settings just to set your controls to perfection. Everything is intuitive so you can start playing right away! Even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to fiddle with it a lot to realize that the controls are as easy as the gameplay.

Unique gameplay – Urban City Stories has some of the most unique gameplay you will ever see. Even for a simulation game, this game will keep you hooked for hours! Since there is no main story, you can technically create thousands of stories to follow!

Urban City Stories Mod APK – Free Shopping

Urban City Stories is an epic city simulation game that will keep you playing for ages! However, the free mode only offers city streets, 2 indoor locations, and 10 characters. In order to unlock the rest, you have to pay for it. Fortunately, you can just download the full version of the mod while you play to your heart’s content!