US Conflict MOD APK 1.16.117 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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World War II is definitely one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history with millions dead on both sides. The epic and devastating battles of that period have also inspired many great mobile titles, including WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II and US Conflict. And in this article, we are going to talk about later as one of the greatest tank battle game on your mobile devices. Enjoy exploring original WWII themes of US conflict, enjoying addictive war game play with epic campaigns and exciting missions from both sides. Join many powerful nations in their epic battles against others and work hard to be the great leaders who lead your armies to victory. Enjoy playing the addictive gameplay of real time strategy with many unique items to discover. Find out more about it with our comprehensive reviews of US Conflict and all in-game features.

story / gameplay

Here in US Conflict, Android players will have the opportunity to enjoy the imaginative play of a real-time strategy set in the time of World War II. But instead of the United States joining the Allies in invading Germany, the American conflict would take an entirely different approach as Nazi Germany would attack the United States on its own soil. Thus, it provides a whole new experience for Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Enjoy playing this addictive real time strategy game, in which you will become the commander in chief or direct of the army with different missions and tasks to be performed. Build your base with different buildings and military facilities available. Recruit and upgrade your powerful armies with various infantry, war machines and combat aircraft, each with their own unique uses. Take your armies into epic battles and make the most of your tactical commands to defeat and defeat enemies to win your battles. Enjoy addictive missions divided into two separate campaigns for you to explore freely. Enjoy playing custom battles with many personalized settings. Or, have fun joining friends in tons of multiplayer matches. All of this will ensure that you can enjoy the great gameplay of US Conflict to the fullest.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Interactive RTS gameplay with top-down view and simple touch controls

To get you started, Android players in US Conflict can quickly engage in the interactive and fun gameplay of RTS, thanks to the top-down view and simple touch controls. As a result, you can easily navigate the map with swipe actions on the touch screen. Take advantage of the panoramic view to see everything that’s happening on the map, along with helpful touch controls, which will let you make quick decisions during intense RTS matches. Not to mention that the intuitive mini-map will allow all Android players to always be engrossed in the map.

US conflict screen 1

Two interesting campaigns for you to enjoy

For those of you interested in exploring different stories in US Conflict, you can take on two separate campaigns in the game, each offering a series of interesting missions for you to enjoy. Feel free to play the game both sides and enjoy their separate stories, which will make you more involved in the game. And always enjoy unique missions with interesting objectives and various challenges to try.

Enjoy epic multiplayer challenges

Here in US Conflict, Android players can also play epic multiplayer game, which allows them to enjoy playing the awesome mobile title with other players or the smart AI. Feel free to join each other in the epic 4-player multiplayer mode, where you can join forces to defeat powerful enemies. Or fight each other in epic custom battles featuring different players from different mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Feel free to double your fun in US Conflict whenever you want and make the most of the in-game experiences.

Various factions for you to choose

To make the game more fun, US Conflict features its various in-game factions for Android players to choose from freely. Here, you can join the USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia in their epic struggles with each other. Enjoy playing this addictive game with different units and upgrades, which will allow you to fully engage in RTS battles. Explore their unique powers and attributes to learn more about your armies and the armies of your enemies. Create the best strategies to win the game with certain countries and make the most of the in-game experiences.

US conflict screen 2

Different units with unique powers and mechanics

Speaking of which, besides the various unit traits between nations, American Conflict also features more than 20 different unit types that you can feature in your armies. Here, you can enjoy playing addictive RTS battles with infantry, tanks, trucks, stationary guns, cannons and many other units, each with their own unique traits and features. Thus, it requires you to come up with the best ways to organize them during battles and make the most of their power. Be a smart commander to enter your armies with the right combinations, prepare the perfect formations, and prepare to take down your enemies

Many different tactics to implement

To make sure that you can take on the powerful enemy, Android players will need to implement their in-game tactics correctly. By featuring different units with different themes, along with full in-game controls, US Conflict will allow Android players to freely devise their tactics to win the game. Feel free to make use of your amazing skills to control entire armies in all-out combat. Or set traps so that your enemies can fall into your minefields or your attacks. Different tactics and methods in the game will allow you to enjoy the battles of attack and defense in multiple ways.

US conflict screen 3

Interesting boosters to work with

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy playing with the interesting boosters from the mobile title, which allows them to operate freely with their unique abilities. Feel free to use time-limited power-ups to prepare bombing, boost your army’s strengths, and summon your special attacks when you’re in the game. Use them at the perfect moments to make the most of their power and win your victory.

Amazing AI that will keep you engaged

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing with the interesting AI in US conflict, which has the ability to learn and modify their fighting power to match yours. As a result, you will not find the game very easy or difficult at the same time. Always enjoy playing the addictive RTS battles in American Conflict.

Unique maps with diverse terrain

During the different missions, Android players will find themselves fighting many different battles in different terrains. Different settings will have certain effects on your strategic tactics, so be sure to supervise the terrain properly before making battle plans. Head into the RTS battle with a clear plan of how the terrain can use your advantages and inflict massive disadvantages on your enemies. Win battles with wits and powers.

US Clash screen 4

Enjoy the game in different languages

For those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of US Conflict, you can now enjoy the game fully localized in many of your favorite languages. Feel free to enjoy the game in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Romania, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and many other language options. Thus, allowing all players to fully participate in the game and enjoy more fun together despite the language differences.

Enjoy playing the game while you are offline

And to make the game even easier, 4Flash also features offline gameplay in their US conflict. As a result, Android gamers can always enjoy playing the exciting gameplay of RTS on their mobile devices without any issues. Simply engage in various addictive matches whenever and wherever you want.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can easily get it from the Google Play Store and start enjoying the many features within the game. However, if you want to enjoy the full game, there will be some ads and in-app purchases for you to make.

You can access our modified version of the game

Get ready to immerse yourself in the modified gameplay of US Conflict on our website, where we bring you the fully unlocked version of the game for you all to enjoy. Here, you can enjoy ad-free experiences without any disturbances, unlocked campaigns for you to explore freely, and many more interesting features. All it takes is to download a file US Conflict MOD APKand follow the given instructions, and start enjoying the great mobile title.

Picture and sound quality


Here in US Conflict, Android players can fully engage in epic RTS battles, thanks to its immersive 3D graphics. With stunning 3D maps featuring different terrains and huge landscapes with unique items for you to freely prepare your armies, along with realistic 3D units and powerful visual effects, especially explosions during battles, you can always enjoy this addictive RTS title to the fullest. Not to mention that the smooth and satisfying gameplay, thanks to the enhanced graphics of the game, will surely impress many Android gamers.

sound and music

Along with the interesting graphics, US Conflict is also distinguished by its powerful sound effects, which will always keep you in touch with the battles. Enjoy the atmospheric sound effects that accurately depict the battlefield environments and intense battles. Plus, the epic soundtrack will always impress many of you, both in and out of battles.

last thoughts

With its simple and fun gameplay, along with its engaging storyline and in-depth RTS elements, US Conflict will be sure to please all Android gamers. Enjoy exploring the exciting game on your mobile devices and enjoy its many features on the go. Fight addictive RTS battles with smart AI or interesting real-life opponents. And you always have access to our free and unlocked version of the game.