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RPGs took over the world during the early 2000s. They were all playing, and if you don’t play any of them, you’re going to miss a lot of things. Things were much simpler back then as everyone was playing and enjoying the open world of adventure.


Today, there are many genres that people play. RPGs are still very popular but were not very popular in the past. However, Final Fantasy games have always been a household name when it comes to gamers. War of the Visions FFBE is a casual game from Brave Exvius previously released. This game was recently released but now has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. Curious to know what all the hype is about? Read on!

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The events of the World of War of Visions take place in the kingdom of Adra, on the Continent of Lapis lazuli. It is set hundreds of years before the events of Brave Exvius. The plot of this game revolves around the legend of a legendary crystal that can change the fate of the entire continent.


You will be in the middle of a war raging in all the countries here. There is no common enemy or allies, you will fight each other for control of the continent. This game adopts turn-based fighting style which is popular in many games. There are many elements to consider here such as strategic elements and initial unit types.

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The key to victory is how well you develop and implement your strategies. In this game, you will work with other players to complete multiplayer missions. Apart from that, you can do duels and there is also an automatic battle to speed up the battle speed. This will work wonders for beginners. Overall, this is an exciting game with a lot of things to explore and an adventure to conquer.

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War of Visions FFBE Features

For Final Fantasy players, this game will be very easy. However, for first time players, they may be confused by all the elements. This is understandable considering that this game offers so much to beginners in a single day. However, here are the features that are broken down to make the process easier:

Unique battle system – This game adopts turn-based combat style with 3D elements. The key to winning battles is to create winning strategies to help you out. You will need to use unique strategies for each battle as the different battles differ from each other. You can also use automatic battles to increase the speed of the battle so that beginners can understand things. Most of all, there is a feature called limit bursts that allows you to make awesome attacks on your opponents. There are also espers who will support the attackers from behind with their powers. Overall, this would make the game very exciting.


working system – In this game, there is something called Action System. You can get new jobs by raising units with the job system. Each unit features an item that can be used to fight and stun enemies. You need to study the system of work and strategize it to gain significant advantages over your enemies in battle. It is one of the essential elements of this game!

fun questions – War of the Visions FFBE also features other missions other than Story Quests which are the main elements of the game. There are more than 200 unique missions in the world and event missions to conquer. In addition, you can collect various materials by participating in these quests that you cannot find anywhere else! However, the missions vary by difficulty and you need to use different strategies to win and collect your prizes. But overall, it’s a very rewarding experience and a great alternative to the main tasks!

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voices – What makes or breaks the game is the sound quality. Some players may say this is not a huge factor but others may say otherwise. Whatever you think, it wouldn’t hurt to have a great sound system, right? War of the Visions FFBE features some of the most exciting background sound and sound effects you will ever hear in any mobile game! Plus, the voice acting is done in both English and Japanese by professional voice actors! There is nothing more authentic than that!


Personalities – In this game, you will meet new and familiar faces everywhere! The twin princes who rule Liones have a feud! Their battle means the war of visions which is the main theme of the game. There are different classes to choose from that you should take into consideration. In general, characters are something to look forward to when playing this game because they have their strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to strategize around taking advantage of their strengths and leveraging the system to work in your favor!


interesting graphics – Although most of the games nowadays have great quality graphics, War of the Visions is very clear in the graphics department. It really has no redundant graphics and no simplistic details – it’s just perfect. However, it works! It works simply because this is a semi 3D game that uses turn-based combat unlike other games that always need extensive graphics.

Tips for playing the war of visions FFBE

For first time players, War of the Visions FFBE might be too confusing to play. However, for longtime Final Fantasy players, this will be a breeze. With that said, here are some tips to help beginners:

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Note the strong characters – In this game, it’s all about strengths and strategies. You need to choose cards with higher agility as this will allow you more roles in the game to attack. Here are some of the characters you should get: Sterne Leonis, Thancred Waters, Irene, Federica and Ziza.

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