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The world in the fantasy tower is vast. On the map, there are plenty of areas to explore, including strongholds with a supply chamber that can be unlocked when you defeat the treasure keeper, realm bosses you can challenge, and relics you can complete. This guide will teach you how to complete Ruin B-02 and find all chests inside.

Ruin B-02 All chest locations in Fantasy Tower

Ruins like dungeons in a fantasy tower. You receive rewards the first time you complete them.

There are three difficulties in ruin: Easy, normal and hard. Easy difficulty requires two chests to complete. Normal difficulty requires three chests, and hard mode requires six.

Chest locations in Ruin B-02 are hard to find, but you can get them by completing the puzzle.

Get all chest in b-02 ruin

Inside the ruins, there are a lot of enemies. Get them out first before getting the first chest. The first chest, covered with thorns, is next to a ladder.

From the point of birth, go straight. Use the fire element to burn the thorns and open the chest.

Each ruin has a gimmick, and Ruin B-02 requires you to place a cube on a red platform to unlock the doors. At the top of the stairs you will have to place the cube on a circular platform to be able to move to the next location that contains the second chest.

Jump aside before moving on to the next stage. There is a room with two Razor Warrior enemies and a chest. Defeat them and get the chest.

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Finally, you will have to kill your boss before leaving to clear the havoc.