Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Superbosses Locations and Best Strategies to Use

Xenoblade Chronicles has super bosses that you can challenge and defeat. They are unique monsters above the boss class, which drop high-end loot, including power-up equipment, Nopon coins, shards, and more. We’ll show you how to locate all the awesome bosses and strategies to defeat them.

All the locations of the superior bosses and the best strategies to use in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You can find five super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The first Superboss is in Furness areawhere we can find Kilocorn Grandpas. The second is Danger Wing Ryuho located in Aetia . region. The third super coach dreadwerm nezonecan be found in Le Maca Wildwood. The next boss has been found in Cadencia regionThe Livelord Empire. finally , seraphic ceratine Found in Great sword, upper.

Where and how to defeat the great bosses

Super bosses can be challenged again when you defeat them but they will have a higher level. The team composition required for each Superboss battle is the standard lineup: Two attackers, two defenders and two healers.

The required categories are as follows:

  • Noah with seraph Class

It is equipped with skills Hell dance And the hidden thorn art. virtual skills monster mode, which increases damage when health is less than 30%, and global extermination This increases damage to collapsed and fired targets by 150%.

Master’s skills fighting prowess Physical damage increases. critical He hits Increases critical hit damage, and Dynamite Spiritwhich increases damage when health is high.

Equipped gems are Steel Cleaver X Which increases the attack. grace precision X Increases dexterity for accuracy, and X . vulnerability analysis, which gives extra damage for critical hits. accessories Ceramic Belt, Fiber Coils, And the platinum cube that focus heavily on attack.

  • The second is Eunie with All-metal Jaguar Class

Eunie Equips killer barrage Art and virtual skill Symphony bulletEach attack hit will increase your damage dealt by 20% up to 255%. Master’s skills Etheric ability, critical He hitsAnd the global extermination. Ioni’s jewels are the same as Noah’s jewels. accessories fiber coilAnd the Ceramic And the Lunae Rings.

  • mew with exhalation Class

Master’s skills Fighting prowess, defensive spirit, And the evasion experience. Equipped gems are Tailwind X, steel protection X, And the Steel Cleaver X. complements be Titanium backing, titanium hull guard, And the Silver belt.

  • Fourth is Lanz with the only exile Class

His main skills are SwiftsongAnd the global exterminationAnd the critical He hits. Precious stones Combo X, Steel Clever X, And the Steel protection X. Titanium body guard, breakage brooch, And the crystal earrings for accessories.

  • Taeyeon with Signifer Fifth degree

Master’s skills Strengthen maneuverability and capable hands And the ocean abundance. Equipped gems are The blessing of puffiness X, soothing breath X, And the Lifesaving Experience X. accessories Solis rings, devotional necklace And the Crystal earrings.

  • The sixth is Sena who belongs to the same class as Taion Signifer

Associate Eye Shadow with the Resonance Flag to always color allies and never make a chain attack. Master’s skills Strengthening maneuverAnd the Protector’s prideAnd the Essence of ether. Precious stones Bloating blessing X, repeating blessing X, And the life saver expertise X. accessories Fraternal badge, carbon glovesAnd the Crystal earrings.

  • finally, ashera with the Single exile Class

Placing it in the hero’s place gives extra damage to your chain attack.

Kilocorn Grandpas

The first chief is the Kilocorn Grandeps located in the Fornis area. It is found northwest of the saffron tree.

Use Sena and Stack Buff to help defenders and attackers. The strategy is to use the ouroboros model, spam arts with Sena, then switch to Lanz and launch kit. He left Ouroboros . shape After a successful transformation, then go to chain attack.

The best strategy for this is to start with Ashera, as long as you don’t reach 100 before using it. Using Sena can recharge everyone. Because she doesn’t attack, Sena will constantly give off an electric charge, increasing technical damage.

Danger Wing Ryuho

The second super leader is Perilwing Ryuho, who is in Lake Cooly. This boss is a bit tricky because it has a high breaking point, which will require you to do a chain attack without launching it – same strategy with the first boss except without the launch set. Start with Sena and stack the buffs again. Use Ouroboros for immunity.

dreadwerm nezone

The third leader is the Dreadwyrm Nizoont located in the Makth Wildwood Depression, just below the cave. The same strategy is using Sena and then stacking buffs. Ashera in the hero slot offers bonus chain attack damage and energy charge.

Livelord Empire

The fourth boss is the Levialord Empireo in Cadensia, at the bottom right. You have to reach it by boat and then swim to reach the site. As usual, same strategy with the other excellent bosses use Sena and Stack Buffs and then do a launch set to finish it off with a chain attack.

seraphic ceratine

The last supernatural leader Seraphic Keratinia can be found in the Supreme Great Sword, in the cavity. You need to defeat the 4 superior bosses before you can challenge them with the same strategy. Use Sena to stack buffs while Taion will revive dead allies. When you play the combo successfully, make sure that all your allies are alive.