Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Chain Attacks Guide | How to Use Them

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, chain attacks allow players to combine several arts to deal massive damage to enemies. Please continue reading to discover how to use Chain Attacks and some valuable ideas to maximize your effectiveness in using Chain Attacks.

Chain Attack Guide | How to use Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Before knowing how to use chain attacks, you must first know how to start them. This article will discuss how to use it as well as getting started with it.

Charge Chain Attack

You have to charge the Chain Attack Gauge on the right side of your screen before you can perform Chain Attacks. This is only displayed during battle and is always empty when the conflict is started.

Do any of the following while fighting to fill it up:

  • Cancel arts attacks
  • Combinations must be performed.
  • Doing a job

How to start a chain attack

Start the chain attack

When the scale is completed, Press the + . button To start a chain attack. Wait for the animation to finish before selecting one of three sequential commands to direct the string with. These commands will be drawn randomly from your current party, with heroes included if you have one.

See the reward for completing each order

To get started, look at the reward for completing each order under their featured image and note their function (attacker, defender or healer). Next, select the one you want for the first chain attack and their card.

Launch a multi-strike attack

When the Chain Order reaches 100 percent or higher, the character shown in the Chain Order card will launch a multi-hit attack with the damage multiplier displayed at the bottom right of the screen. The additional damage you receive is determined by how fully the meter is filled in the previous stage.