Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Gem Crafting Guide

The accessories in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be equipped to enhance the character’s attributes and abilities. Knowing what accessories to equip and which classes to take advantage of will help you beat the game with relative ease. We’ll show you the best accessories and where to find them.

What are the best accessories and where to find them in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

best supplement The Legacy of the Seven Elements. They are episodes with only one version present in the entire game.

  1. Solis Rings
  1. Saturni rings
  2. Veneris . Rings
  3. Iovis . episodes
  4. Mercury rings
  5. Martis rings
  6. Lunae Rings

There are alternatives to inheriting the seven items, and they can be dropped anywhere, from killing unique monsters and opening treasure chests to get them. These items are:

  • carbon gloves
  • Titanium support
  • Thermal caps
  • armor belt
  • fiber coil
  • hermit mask
  • rainbow feather squad
  • smash weapon belt
  • Fiber belt, beautiful crystal
  • sound sensor
  • platinum brooch
  • messy memory
  • Hell fire amulet
  • platinum cube
  • Victor Gauntlet
  • memory locket
  • fraternal badge
  • devotional necklace
  • storm bracelet
  • silver earrings
  • crystal earrings
  • brute memory
  • broken brooch
  • Crystal Bond
  • monastic necklace
  • Titanium body guard

The Legacy of the Seven Elements Site

The Legacy of the Seven Elements can be found in the Cadencia region. The location of the first episode in the southwestern part of the map is called radial view. You will have to have a boat and find a cleft where you will find an altar. The ring is next to him.

The second ring can be located in the southern part of the region. Located in Tomb of the Kings of Kings. You will pass through a swampy area.

Behind it is a cave. After the cave area will have an altar. You will find the ring on the altar. Do note that there are powerful enemies out there. You can sneak past the high level monsters.

The third episode is located at the grave of his name heroic gulkin. It is located in the northern part of the region on an island. Like the other rings, this one is also located on the top of an altar. From the coast, go up the central area to the right.

You can find episode 4 on the tombstone Rajimao Tempeldo. It is located on an island in the center of the region. To reach the center, you need to use the zipline and swim your way. The signet rests on the altar.

The fifth ring is far from the landmark and can be found in the west of the area. You’ll need to follow a path that leads to a set of vines, and then go up. Follow the path again, and you will see another set of vines. reach the end; You will find the ring in the zipline.

The next episode is a little tricky. You will need to use the zipline to get to the central island. Go to the rails, jump on the first rail, go to the second rail, and drop to an island with vines. Above those vines, you’ll see an altar that gives you the sixth ring.

The final episode can be found at Lost Colony The area, where you will need to finish Taeyeon A side story to get to this area. You’ll find the altar in a cave to the north.