Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Master Skills and Master Arts

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest addition to the Xenoblade series. The story takes place in Aionios, where two nations are locked in an endless battle. Join Noah and Mio to explore the world of Ionius. This guide will help you explore Aionios by teaching you how to learn the key skills and arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to master skills and master the arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To master the skills and master the arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you first need to know how the classes, arts, and skills work.

To unlock classes, play the character or perform side quests on the mini-map. You will then reach the maximum level 10 in your class. To pass the limit, you have to do a side quest related to that class or a particular character.

On the contrary, the arts and skills are quite similar. If you already have a second class at rank 5, you can equip an art. Go to skills, where you can find and equip them 2second abbreviation class art. For arts, you must have a file Rank 10 Class.

Master’s and Master of Arts Skills

Each character does not share the ranks of the classes. For example, having a rank 10 fighter and a zephyr for Noah, does not mean that Mio will also get rank 10 in the Sword and Sever classes.

But the sharing of the main arts and main skills are the same. However, you need another semester Rank 5 for skills and 10 for the arts.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what category you specialize in. You need to level up the classes to get the arts or skills you want. You can also use Nopon Coins to raise your rank. Nopon coins can be obtained through containers in the Aionios world.